Ether 12:27

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.
I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my
grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me;
for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me,
then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
-Ether 12:27

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

GUAYAQUIL is HOT!!!! Beyond hotter than any other place I have ever been in my life! Happy New Year!

Hermanas Flinders, Nazer, Whitmore, Murri, Nelson, Me and Alvarado :) All of the greatest girls from the Choir :)

Best companionship award goes to...... US :) Seriously so cute!

Huancavilca!!! WOOOO!

The mastermind of our presentations hahahaha Elder Martinez.... But seriously. This Elder is a genius. One of the most intelligent people that I have ever met when it comes to music..... We could not have done this without him.

Hermana Flinders and Hermana Alvarado :) Two of my best friends in the choir :)

Hermana Whitmore Hermana Nazer and Hermana Nelson. Man I seriously love all of these girls so much. There is not a single person in this choir that I don`t love with all of my heart!

Singing the song " No Hubo un Heroe mas Grande" another good one :)

Singing The song "Ningun Otro Nombre" you all should look it up soo good :)

Elder Wendt y Elder Gaete :) So precious haha

The assistants to the President. Seriously two of the greatest guys I have ever met in my life. Both have been by zone leaders at one point in my mission and it has been an honor to be traveling with them this week in the choir. And most of all to see them help lead our mission with the president. Elder Barrios from Paraguay and Elder Kindred from San Diego California.
Dec. 15
SO this is going to be the shortest letter of my mission. I am so sorry. But I sent A million photos....... But This week was amazing and I had some of the most spiritual experiences of my entire mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I was given to visit all of the locations of the mission and I was actually able to see a lot of my converts and it was bitter sweet. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to some of them. I did a lot of crying but it was amazing to see that one year ago when I met these people they knew nothing of the love of the Lord and now they have completely changed it was such a great opportunity. I was so blessed to see Cuenca and Macahla and Santa Rosa. I just love seeing the changed of those whose lives I have been able to touch. it has been such a great opportunity.
Anyway. This week the choir tour ends and then I get a sector and I will let you know about Skype and everything. As of right now I know nothing. soooooo Love you tons. And I will see you all soon through Skype :) love you
Hermana Pack
Hermana Torres! I love her so much! She is our President`s wife. She is so great!

These are two girls that served with Aunt Sarah!!! They both were in Guayaquil when I was singing and they were super excited to see me!

Santa Rosa!!! I cried being able to go back here so many great memories!

Being reunited with Thalia! Man I just love that girl so much!

Thalia and Ambar!  I was so so so happy to see these girls in Santa Rosa!

On the road again........ seriously so many busses......

Loja decorated the church for us it was adorable! Such an amazing spirit here!

LOJA!!! Such a powerful performance!

CUENCA! I had never cried so much in my mission hahahaha!

Seriously almost the half of my mission was in Machala and It was so hard to leave this place I cried so hard. Giving Hermana Mann a good hug while leaving was real rough..... I love Machala with all of my heart. I just love the mission so much hahaha.

Santa Rosa!! My heart truly does belong here!! :)

After our first performace in Cisne!

Our second performance, in Pradera :)

The performance in Centenario!

Performance in Puerto Nuevo!
Dec. 22
So This week was great!! I am in Guayaquil!!! Yay!! I am officially in a sector that is called Los Esteros and it is a great sector. I am so grateful to be here. My companion is Hermana Peralta. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to train again! I seriously love training. But Hermana Peralta is amazing. Seriously this girl knows so much. She is from Mexico. From Guadalajara. She has been a member he whole life and she knows a ton. But I am so grateful to be with her. She is so dang cute! Right now we are the only sisters in our zone and it is super super weird. I have never been in a zone with so many Elders... There are 20 Elders in our zone. But it is kinda cool at the same time because I have realized the importance of the Hermanas in the missions. And especially as being an Hermana Leader because I know that if the Hermana´s have a lot of success the Elders have a lot of motivation and the whole zone gets really excited. I feel good about this new zone. 
Anyway I am really excited to see you all this week! I really do love you all tons! I cannot believe how quick time has flown by. It kind of gives me anxiety.... Like a ton of anxiety. But this last week we had a baptism of Edith Vasquez and it was such a good baptism. She was soooo excited. She really had a great conversion. It was such a privilege to be in her baptism. She is from Columbia. And it was a good day. I am super excited to work in this ward. The members are super smart. I love it already and I have only been here less than a week.
Today we had to buy a new house and move out and it has been a disaster but it will all end soon enough and I am super excited to just get the stress done with..... But let me just tell you that GUAYAQUIL is HOT!!!! Beyond hotter than any other place I have ever been in my life. SO SO SO SO SO hot. I am dying. But it is good for me I think... But I look nasty daily.... Yuck.
With Hermana Peralta my new companion when we received our Christmas gift of getting to go to the temple :)

People from Machala were in the temple as well. It was such a blessing to see them! I got to see Lucia and Sami!!!!
This last week the president gave everyone the privilege to go to the temple and it was amazing. I felt so so so blessed and I received so much revelation. Wow it was amazing. I just felt the love of our Savior. Man it is so amazing. He loves us all so much. It is so true that the temple is the house of the Lord. It truly is the house of our dear Savior and beloved Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for this wonderful knowledge.
Anyway I love you all and wish you the best Christmas. I am so blessed to be on the mission and to have two Christmas´s here in Ecuador. In this beautiful country. I just love it so much. Anyway see you soon ;)
Lots of love,
Hermana Pack
I seriously love Ecuador. Enough said.
Dec. 29

Well I would just like to start off by saying how grateful I was to see you all and that it was such a great experience to talk to you guys. I just love your support. Thank you so much!! I love you guys tons!
I hope you guys had a great Christmas I sure did.

We got our nails done!!! :)

We were blessed and we go to go to the other sisters house in Centenario which is another part of Guayaquil and guess who was there :) Hermana Murri and Hermana Hidalgo YAY! Second Navidad with Hermana Murri ESSSO hahaha it was great! We made tacos mexicanos!!!! I was super excited!
Today I wasn´t given a ton of time to write sorry again my time was cut. As usual. I am really sorry. I think that is kind of the life I have been living the last couple weeks but today I was blessed to go to the house of the president to sing for a news reporter and the report is going to be sent out to all of Ecuador. It is going to be really really cool. I am really excited!!! 
I know that next week I will have short time to write as well because it is a meeting of leaders. But I want you to know that we had a baptism of a little boy and I gave him one of the ties that you sent me mom. And what is really cool is that we were able to reactivate is family and his mom cried when we gave him the tie. It was a really great baptism. But next week I´ll send you the pictures. 
Love you all tons.
Hermana Pack
Happy New Year as well!!!
I officially finished one entire year in ECUADOR!!!! :) all of 2014

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