Ether 12:27

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.
I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my
grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me;
for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me,
then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
-Ether 12:27

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Hola mi amor"

The parrot that fell into our backyard, but he is the pet of our neighbor. Siempre està cantando "Hola mi amor"

Iguana just chillin in the back yard...

A little chick in the house of which we ate lunch. AHHH So cute. Literally had been living only one day. Crazy.


Yamilet and I :)

Yulecxi, Junior and I.

More of the family of yamilet and yulecxi

Seriously love this family so much.
SO much to write about and send, and so many photos but just not enough time to do it all. Photos just take so much time.
But first off GERMANY WONNNNNNNN!!!!! Danielle I was praying for ya tons because I was so worried about all the partying and drinking.... But hopefully everything turned out okay. I cannot believe they won!! I didn´t get to watch the game. But I sure heard when they got a goal hahaha. Too good.
This past week has been a blur. But the Mission President came to Santa Rosa and we had a multizone conference with Santa Rosa Sur and Norte. It was so good. I love the President so much.
With my mission President. Presidente Torres

In the conference with the preident with Elder Alvey and Elder Castillo and Hermana Roncal

With the Asistants to the president Elder Arana and Elder Ramirez and with my zone leader Elder Ortega, ex assistant to the president.
I was able to take a photo with him. I was pretty excited about that! He also on the spot turned over the time to the Hermana Leaders and Zone Leaders and I almost wet my pants.... or my skirt haha. But seriously we hadn´t prepared anything. But it turned out really good because we just turned the time over to the spirit and spoke haha. It was so good. We talked a lot about unity. And as I was listening to the president I realized that all of the attributes that I am learning here will be so beneficial for me when I am married or after my mission. Crazy how things work. But really the mission is the best decision for me. I love being here with Hermana Roncal. I also love Santa Rosa. I just love love love it here! More than anything I love seeing the changes in people. So many great things happened this week.
This next week we have two baptisms of Ambar Camacho and Jean Carlos Alvarez. It would be cool if you all could pray for them. Thanks.
I love you all and appreciate your prayers.
Love you tons,
Hermana Pack
A swing outside of the house of another place where we have lunch.

My zone leader Elder Kindred´s missionary handbook fell into the baptismal font while we were cleaning it hahaha

Cooking chicken on a good Pday hahahahaha

So this week was really good. Today we had transfers. I AM SO TIRED. Hermana Roncal was transferred to Cuenca hahahahaha. Good ole Cuenca. But yeah we got called at 11 at night and had to pack everything up and head out at 3 in the morning. I also found out I really just cannot sleep on buses. But yeah probably one of the more tiring Pday´s I have had in a while. But my new companion is Hermana Angulo from Argentina. She has just a little bit more time than I do in the mission. And we are the Hermana Leaders here in Santa Rosa. Crazy to think of how quickly time flys. It feel like I just got here and it has been two months already. But I am really excited to be working with Hermana Angulo. I don´t really know much about Argentina so that will be exciting to get to know.
Hey mom I did receive your package!! Thank you so much!!! I was pretty dang excited!! I loved everything. Most of all I was super stoked about the camera!! Thank you!
This past week was the baptism of Jean Carlos Alvarez. Ambar decided that she needed a little more time to prepare for baptism. But yeah I don´t think it will be much longer. Jean was so excited for his baptism it was so cute. It really was a good baptism. He really is a good kid and has had a really hard home life.

The baptism of Jean Carlos Alvarez.

But something I want to share with you was a lesson we had this past week. We taught the mom of Javier Romero who was baptized last week and while we were teaching her it was so clear to me how much the spirits on the other side of the vail are helping and rooting/praying for us. I could feel the presence of her husband who had past away sitting there with us. I don´t know it was really an amazing lesson and we could feel the spirit so strong. I know that we are not in this labor alone. All of the spirits are there to guide us as well as the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. It just really blows my mind away at how amazing this gospel is.
Anyway until next week! I love you all!
Hermana Pack
PS- why was Rexburg flooding!?! Crazy. Did the harps get damaged??
OH! and dad your story about your investigator from your mission being in our stake is pretty dang awesome!! I hope one day to have stories like that! OH! and please tell the family hi for me!! I love them all tons! And that I have the big photo of the family up above my desk where I study. It cracks me up because always the first thing people say is wow..... so many white people hahahahahaha. Kills me. Anway love ya!

These leaves are the leaves they use to make the dollar bills...... SO MUCH MONEY in my hands hahahahaha

I absolutely loved loved loved your story about the missionary discussion..... hahahahaha. Nothing is better than the good ole pack family circus. But really though.
This week has been a good week for me. I have enjoyed my time with Hermana Angulo. She is really chill. We have been super busy this week. This week we met and taught a girl who is half Chinese who is a daughter of a less active and it went really well. She accepted a date for baptism and came to church this Sunday. But the thing is she literally lived sooooo far away from the church. And from all of our other lessons during the day... Yikes. But she is adorable. She is 18 and has an 8 month old daughter. Her name is Deyne Chu.
Today for P day we decided to visit Cholo at his work, and he works as a gardener of a house that is LOADED. Like seriously I have never ever seen a house like that here in Ecuador.
Cholo!!! Our grandpa of the Branch. hahahaha! Recently was baptized this year!
It is nicer than those of the states!! They have a pet monkey shipped in from Africa!!!!
So something I have been studying this last week was third Nephi. And something I was reading in Chapter 26 and 27 was about how we are going to be judged by what is written in the bible and in the Book of Mormon. I was honestly thinking how important it is for us to be reading the Book of Mormon every day. Because if we aren`t then it is impossible for us to know what the lord will judge us upon. It was kind of mind blowing to think about, but not only this was I thinking about but as well as a part of the scripture that says we will be given more and more knowledge as we study. And that we first are given little things to learn and then we come to know much more marvelous things. I can`t wait to know all of these marvelous things. I know that this gospel is so true. and I know that if we read the Book of Mormon we can know this to be true. I know that God loves me and that I am his daughter. I am so grateful to be here and to have had the family I have. Thank you for everything. Mom give everyone a big hug for me out there and tell Grandpa Ivie I love him and tell Grandpa and Grandma Pack that I pray for them often and love them deeply.
Love you all,
Hermana Pack
I was pretty proud of myself. I caught the baby chick and picked it up all by myself!! And it`s so adorable and little!

Sooooo cute!

Cooking chifles with Cholito!!

After church this Sunday with Hermano Javier, after he blessed the sacrament for the first time!!! I almost cried!! It was so great to see and hear him up there!

Just look at how pretty it is!!
My compaion ate pizza for the very first time in all of her 11 months in the mission...... WHAAAAAAT!
Lunch with the Orden family. One of the most humble families I have EVER met.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"The atonement of Jesus Christ really is absolutely amazing"

Our district leader Elder Rodriguez and a little boy named Junior. They literally look the same!! It is crazy hahahahaha!
Well I absolutely loved all of the pictures... Mike you are such a stud... You look good! And you have grown up a ton. I cannot believe it. Neil, you look great in your uniform... Aww I just wish I could have been there for the 4th to see the parade with you guys.
Man I was missing the USA this week haha. Not that Ecuador isn´t amazing. I just love the fourth so much. Ben I hope you have a great week in EFY. Man EFY is seriously one of the best things. Hopefully he doesn´t get too caught up in the girls.... Hahahah oh EFY. The mission is like an EFY every day except extremely more challenging. And I freaking loved all of the photos of Danielle in Germany. Mom remember when we were in those exact same places???? How crazy. Oh and as to your question about if I want to go to Japan. Heck yeah I would love to go to Japan!!!! I am totally down for that. Today I was able to see Hermana Cambell one of my best friends of the mission and her boyfriend is in Japan serving his mission. Maybe you met him dad!! I don´t know what his last name is though... So maybe haha. All of the missions of the world are so spoiled except those of South America haha. Loco. But I wouldn´t change my mission for anything. I love love love love Ecuador with all of my heart.
Alright, as for my week. Well, this week was the baptism of Javier Romero and it was great!! He works in another city which is about an hour and a half away all throughout the semana and he got back into town Saturday night. So his baptism was Sunday in the morning.
The baptism of Javier Romero

Hermano Javier with his nephew David! David was the first to be baptized this year and now we have baptized his brother Romel and now his Uncle. I love how happy he is!
Sunday´s are the most crazy days of the week for us. But really. So usually Sunday mornings we leave the house at 7 and wake up all of our investigators and then swing by their houses at 8:30 to go to church and then are in church at 9. But this Sunday we had the baptism at 8:00. So we had to bring as many as we could to the baptism and send a member to get everyone else before 9. It was crazy. But Thalia is the member we always use and she is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how much she has a desire to help us. I love it. I hope that one day she will get to serve a mission. But yeah anyway the baptism was beautiful and then after the second hour of church we were told to pack stuff to head to Guayaquil for a conference with the president and all the leaders. It was crazy.

At the conference with Hermana Roncal!
So today we had the conference and it was so amazing. I just want to testify that President Torres really is inspired and really an amazing president. I am so grateful to have him has a president. I also would love to testify of the love of our dear Savior. He really is one who has done it all for us. The atonement of Christ is infinite. I am so grateful to have this knowledge. I know that God has a plan for me and he wants me to follow him. As I was writing all of my notes in Spanish amidst all of them is "The atonement of Jesus Christ really is absolutely amazing" Written in English. Something our president really would like us to focus on is Family history work. It is crazy to think how many generations I have in this gospel. I am so grateful for that. But we focused a ton on family history work and what we can do. This work of the gospel no is only for this time in my mission. But as well for those who have passed on. I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel the love of the Savior like I have. 
El Templo!!!!
I know with all of my heart that he loves me. I know that he lives and loves every single one of us. There is no other person in this world who understands my life. It really just is amazing.
Something else we really focused on was that in order to be a good leader I have to be a good follower. This can be applied in all callings of the church. If you want the young women to live the gospel principles, you as well better be living the gospel principles. I don´t know but I understand now that the mission is really just a preparatory time for the big mission. Or life. hahaha So many things I have learned and I am so grateful for that.
Anyway I love you all. And I hope you guys keep living the commandments. Always remember to pray read and take the sacrament. :) Love ya!
Hermana Pack

One of the most hilarious times of my life. We literally ran so fast to get pizza.... Dying of heat hahahahah! So good. But we got our pizza and that is all that matters hahahaha!