Ether 12:27

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.
I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my
grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me;
for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me,
then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
-Ether 12:27

Sunday, October 5, 2014

And that is a typical day in my mission life.

Hola,                                                                                     Sept. 22
Well I hope you all have had a great week! I am excited to see pictures of homecoming week! I hope you guys dress up! Danielle you better do it because it is your senior year! You have got to do all the fun stuff this year! High school really is tons of fun.
I have had a really great week. So this past week we have been so blessed to come to know so many great people here. There is a family that we met in this week and they are great. They came to church this past week. And their son is preparing for baptism. The only problem is that they have to get married first before they can join the church. But they really are great. Normally I don`t like to focus on people who aren`t married because usually it is a huge struggle for the whole marriage thing, but they really have already been able to see the blessings of the Lord in their lives. It is great. I think my favorite part of the mission is seeing how people can change. And how their lives can be impacted.
So Machala is pretty chill right now. It has cooled off a ton and I heard that the other inland cities are freezing hahaha. But for that I am really grateful.
I can`t believe Duncan came home and Krista left. Wow it is crazy to think that when I get back nobody will be there because they`ll all be on missions. haha But eh it is the best decision. :)
Hey mom did you figure out all that stuff with BYU?
Keep saying your prayers and living the gospel to it`s fullest. I love you all and appreciate your prayers.
Mom it really is a good goal to keep up your personal scripture study. There are so many amazing things in this gospel. You guys should read True to the Faith. It really is one  of the best books our there! It explains everything! haha every principle of the gospel!
Hey if you guys could pray a little extra for my companion she is really struggling with her health well actually her teeth. Her gums have gotten an infection from the water here and it would be great if you guys could pray for Hermana Teban.
Love you all tons! Until next week!
Hermana Pack

Hola,                                                                                                      Sept. 15
Well mom you asked for a little more about my life. Here is a run down of my life here in Machala with Hermana Teban.
6:30 Wake up pray brush my teeth and start exercising.
7:00 Eat something while Hermana Teban is showering. Usually yogurt with a fruit of some sort.
7:30 Shower and get ready.
8:00 Personal study (favorite time of the day)
9:00 Companionship study. Usually includes preach my gospel videos with practices for our investigators during the day
10:00 Language study. (My least favorite....)
10:30 we leave the house to pass by investigators to teach before lunch.
1:00 Lunch in a members house. This is the biggest meal of the day and we eat a ton and usually I leave stuffed even after I have asked them to give me just a little. Usually includes soup and always includes rice......
2:00 Teaching investigators
9:00 In the house planning for the next day
9:30 Paperwork
10:00 Talk with the other girls in the house about their day
10:20 Prayer
10:30 Asleep....
And that is a typical day in my mission life.

And Tuesdays we have meetings with the district and Saturdays we have meetings with the zones in the morning. And here in this ward we have church at 3:00 in the afternoon which is a little odd. But I like it.

Anyway life here is super good! This next week we have a baptism of Livia Soto and I would love it if you guys could pray for her and her family. Her family are recent converts and they need all of the prayers they can get.
I love you all tons and wish you a great week! I hope you enjoy my photos :)
Love you,
Hermana Pack
Our lovely pet hahaha. Gorda....

Waiting for the Hermana`s to write their families.

Waiting for lunch haha!

Lights out in the house

A GIANT BUNNY. haha but it was just roaming the house. I almost died. It is like a pet cat hahaha.

My zone :)

With my best friends :)

Made mac and cheese yummmmm!!

The name of our county is el oro!!
With Lucia who is preparing for the mission!

With Lucia and Antoniella!
Cooking as usual with Hermana Mann and Hermana Herrera

Hermana Mann teaching all of the Elders of the zone how to make scones. I almost died..... SO FUNNY.

More photos of the zone and Hermana Mann teaching about scones.

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